Leather Honey: Keeping Customers Trendy Since the Early 60s

Leather is one of the strongest ways to make a fashion statement. From boots to hats, nothing says “trendy” quite like leather.

Celebrities are always spotted in leather apparel, whether at events like movie premieres or simply walking around town. Fashion icon Jennifer Aniston often sports leather dresses and Justin Timberlake is almost never seen without a sleek, black leather jacket on. 

Unlike most trends worn by celebrities, leather is not something that is “in” this season and “out” the next. Leather has been fashionable for decades – even Marilyn Monroe wore leather gloves and carried leather purses.  

Leather’s eternal fashion life is great for non-celebrities who may not have the money to reinvest in the day’s hottest trends. Leather, however, is not cheap. It is a very valuable material that endures a lengthy process in order to make it durable, comfortable and attractive.

Leather also requires maintenance from its owner to keep it looking and feeling fresh. Even celebrities need to give their treasured leather items some tender love and care from time to time.

There is one product for maintaining the quality of leather that is used by all leather owners – from celebrities to the guy next door – and that product is Leather Honey. 

What makes Leather Honey stand apart from the other leather conditioners also on shelves? First of all, it is one of the few leather products available that is 100% free of toxins.

Wearing leather is definitely cool but there is nothing more stylish than purchasing products that are environmentally friendly and safe to use. In fact, products made with toxins are going out of style faster than baggy cargo pants. 

As the owners and producers of Leather Honey, we’ve used the same ingredients in our product for over fifty years. The chemicals that are currently being added to newer leather conditioning products didn’t even exist at the time Leather Honey was created. Despite all of the new chemically-enhanced leather conditioners that have been added to today’s market, no product since Leather Honey has been capable of restoring the quality of leather to the same degree.

Those ingredients are a family secret, as our company has been family-owned ever since the day we discovered that our formula had the ability to make tattered leather material soft and flexible — unlike any other product we’d had seen. The day happened by chance when our grandfather created the solution to treat leather shoe soles. From one generation to the next, our West Virginia-based family has grown the business into a nation-wide success. 

It’s 2013, and trendiness this day and age does not solely mean being up-to-date with fashion and wearing the same outfits as celebrities. Many people now think of trendy as the act of doing the right thing – whether it is for other people, for the environment or for your conscience.

So here you have it. Leather Honey is a near-magical leather-conditioning product that will keep your stylish leather apparel looking and feeling as good as new for years to come. 

In addition, by purchasing Leather Honey, you are supporting a family-owned business that has remained dedicated to providing a wholesome and effective product to its customers and has succeeded amid mega-corporations in the industry that prioritize profit over actual product.

The Leather Honey bandwagon is open to anyone who owns leather. We encourage you to board now. Staying fashionable will always be in fashion and mindful purchasing is today’s hottest trend. Visit Leather Honey online to learn more.

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