“Leather Honey instantly transformed my high quality, aniline dyed, full grain leather furniture!” -Denise

First off, let me say how impressed I am with your product. I bought a wonderful leather couch, club chair and ottoman from a junk shop that was very high quality aniline dyed full grain leather, but had not been taken care of and was suffering. I got the set for almost nothing and knew that if I could find the right product I could bring it back to life. I was doing research and saw that your product and another from England looked to be what I needed. I chose Leather Honey because I liked the fact that it had been used for years with success, was natural, and was from the USA.

The leather was instantly transformed from stiff and almost cracking to soft and supple. I applied two coats over two days, and really am still amazed at the difference. I can’t believe that it worked so well. The product was easy to use, smelled great, and dried faster than I imagined it would.

Now, my mother and I are involved in interior design, and I have already told her about this product, as well as everyone I know that uses leather. I’m trying to get the word out. So many of my friends and clients use those terrible leather wipes that they sell at the grocery store, or even worse baby wipes! A little soap and water every so often and Leather Honey once or twice a year and they’d be helping their furniture, not helping to destroy it.

Thank you again for your product. The shipping was quick, and for once I found something that lived up to my expectations. I will use Leather Honey again and again and again.

Denise Sheffield

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