Leather Conditioner Reviews: What Customers Think of Leather Honey

Leather Conditioner Reviews: What Customers Think of Leather Honey

leather conditioner We wanted to take some time this Thanksgiving to thank our customers, not only for supporting our small family business, but for taking the time to send us feedback and share the benefits of Leather Honey leather conditioner with their friends. What better way to do that than…a discount code! Welcome to our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale: From Friday, November 23 through Monday, November 26, take 20% off your purchase of Leather Honey leather conditioner  (any size bottle) through this website with this code: HOLIDAY20.

Just a sampling of the reviews we’ve received from our incredible customers this year:

Best Leather conditioner available

I have been a leather craftsman since 1955. I found Leather Honey in the 60’s, but it disappeared for a while. It is really great to see it back on the market. I make leather goods and use Leather Honey to help preserve the leather and restore suppleness. It works great. When using tooling leather, the dry leather is first moistened with water, carved and tooled. Then the finish is applied. The finish must penetrate the leather and preserve it. Leather Honey does this better than any other finish that I have used. The suppleness that was removed in the tanning process is restored, the leather is protected from drying and cracking and a beautiful, durable lasting finish is obtained. I can personally highly recommend this product for leather belts, gloves, upholstery, saddlery and tack, motorcycle gear and leather goods of all kinds.
John Clark – LeatherSmith, via Amazon.com

Works wonders on leather purses!

I bought this conditioner to be used on my Balenciaga bags as I felt that some of the hyped up bag care product are just not delivering. Leather Honey does and it plumps up my leather purses significantly. Like the product says, a little goes a long way so I had to be careful with the amount I used. Once the conditioner was absorbed overnight it was like magic! The wrinkles on my leather bag was significantly pumped up and the faded colour was actually restored! There needs to be a happy medium though on the amount applied as too much can cause the leather to darken slightly.
Via Amazon.com

The REAL DEAL, best leather product I’ve used

I recently bought a quality horsehide A2 leather jacket and I wanted to treat it with a quality leather product to make it flexible and soft without ruining it with some harsh chemical treatment. I’ve used various products on leather shoes like polish, wax, mink oil, but I didn’t want to use that on a jacket. I looked over a number of products, but settled on leather honey, and it was definitely worth it.

It comes out as a transparent, colorless liquid rather like the consistency of glycerol. Drizzle it on a absorbent cotton cloth and work it into the cloth so it’s not dripping out. Rub it into the leather, you’ll be able to see the difference between treated and untreated leather. After you’ve worked the whole surface over with the treated cloth, rub over the leather with a dried cotton cloth to soak up any potential excess. Put the leather aside in a well ventilated area and let it sit for at least 2 hours before use.

After I treated my jacket, I hung it up overnight and tried it afterward. WOW, the leather is softer, flexible, and has a dull satiny sheen without a messy film. It seems that this would be a great product to use on upholstery and shoes. Time will tell whether the leather will maintain it’s structural integrity and/or become ridged; but so far I’ve got to say, this is a great product and it looks like I’ll use it to the exclusion of others.
Via Amazon

Never had a product as good as Leather Honey

I own a 1979 Mercedes 450SL (roadster) that is in showroom condition with 38,000 miles on it – have owned it since 8/1980 and it has always been garaged and covered. I put an expensive set of sheepskins on the leather seats early 1981 and just took them off as they were starting to deteriorate and come apart from age. The leather seats look like new but need a bit of softening but not much – don’t see any cracks.

Today, I just finished applying the Leather Honey very sparingly and the seats have softened and the leather finish is much brighter and the seats really look good. The car also has leather door panels and arm rests and they have brightened considerably too. So far, I am very pleased with the results – having grown up on a cattle ranch in western Nebraska, I learned early on how to take care of saddles etc. – but, never had a product as good as Leather Honey.
Bruce, via email

It has worked miracles

It has worked miracles on my worn dark brown leather couch.  As a matter of fact, my husband I were just thinking about getting a new couch/loveseat, and voila!!!  After I used the Leather Honey on the couch, we decided we had no need to replace it as yet. We are extremely satisfied and I have even recommended it to several people. Have a fabulous day!!
– Chris, via email

It is pretty amazing

Well, I guess now I have to believe all hype I’ve been reading about this stuff! It is pretty amazing! I don’t own a pair of leather shoes with a price tag of less than $400. So, I tried some on one pair and let them set overnight. When I woke up this morning, I grabbed a clean rag and wiped them off. Then brushed them. The leather was amazingly supple. So, I did the rest of them (7 pair). I anticipate the same results from what I’m seeing!  The military taught me to take of my feet and shoes with regular maintenance. In the past I have the Montana products (which are also good products). But I like the honey-like texture of your product.
– Donald D. Freis, via email

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