Leather Conditioner for Pet-Scratched Leather

If you’re like many pet owners, then you treat your pet as part of the family. Unfortunately, sometimes our pets really do believe they are part of the family and decide to recline on our furniture. Pet scratches happen when your pets make themselves at home, especially when you aren’t there and they are climbing on your leather furniture. True, your pet is part of your family, but your leather furniture is a part of your home.

Pets have claws, which means your leather furniture could be at risk. Jewelry, keys and other sharp items can also scratch finished leather. But don’t worry; your leather items can be restored to their original high-quality, comfortable look with leather conditioner for furniture. Leather conditioner can be used to recondition the area that your pet has scratched on your couch or chairs, making the marks less noticeable. It will also serve to restore any lost moisture and camouflage the existing marks. Leather conditioner for furniture also serves to boost the durability of your furniture. It’s possible that in the future, you may not even need to ban your pets from their favorite sofas or recliners.

You will want to be careful as you go, though, and should always test the leather conditioner on a small, discreet area of your furniture. Sometimes leather conditioners will cause darkening in the leather, so make sure you allow your test area to dry fully before moving forward. Often, the original color will return over time.

It’s important that your furniture looks good and comfortable. Leather cleaner and leather conditioner for furniture that has marks or pet scratches on it is a good way to ensure that your furniture has the appearance you want. Leather conditioner can also breathe new life into the furniture that your pet has already tried to make its own. Using leather conditioner for furniture with scratches also means you’re saving money on a potential restoration or reupholstering. With leather conditioner, put on a few coats and then let your furniture dry. Scratches from your dogs or cats, cracks, and fading become less noticeable and may even disappear completely.


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