Leather Cleaner for Sofas and Couches

leather couch leather cleanerWhen your kids sit on your couch, snack and juice box in hand, and proceed to spill crumbs and drip juice before you have the chance to remind them, ever so gently, to take their food back to the kitchen, what do you do? Do you panic, wondering how you will ever get your beautiful leather sofa clean again? Now, with the introduction of Leather Honey Leather Cleaner, you no longer have to cry over spilled milk (or juice). Cleaning your leather couch or sofa has never been easier.

Before you begin, vacuum up dust, crumbs and other grime from inside the various crevices on the couch.

Leather Honey Leather Cleaner is designed to clean all types of leather but suede. That said, each leather piece is different and will respond differently to the cleaner, so always test a small part of your couch before you clean the entire thing.

Leather Honey Leather Cleaner comes in a concentrated form to help maximize your budget. The concentrate  needs to be diluted before use. Each four-ounce bottle of Leather Honey Leather Cleaner makes two 16-ounce spray bottles of mixed cleaner. To dilute, mix two ounces of cleaner concentrate (four tablespoons) into sixteen ounces, or two cups, of water. Add this mixture to a spray bottle, and spray it on a small part of the couch to begin.

Because couches are so large, it works best to work in sections. Start with one cushion or the arm of the couch. To clean, spray the cleaning mixture onto the area, and then wipe off immediately with our lint-free cleaning cloth. You can also spray the cleaner directly onto the cleaning cloth, then wipe down the couch. Repeat the process on the next section, spraying on more Leather Cleaner as needed. Be sure not to over saturate the leather during the process. Use a light hand, because as our motto says, a little bit goes a long way.

After completing the cleaning process, it’s important to let the couch dry completely. Then, follow up with a treatment using Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. This will protect the leather from drying and restore the luster and glow to your beautiful, newly cleaned couch.




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