“I was so amazed by how well Leather Honey worked” – Doug

I can’t remember how I “stumbled upon” your web site. I think I was doing a web search for how to clean my motorcycle racing leathers and decided to give it a shot. These are the full leathers worn by sportbike riders on a race track. As you might imagine they get pretty sweaty and dirty over the course of the season. I had mine for a few years and wanted to “clean” and then treat/protect them. I ended up soaking them a few times in a big tub of water just to get the salt and sweat out. After a few days drying I threw them on the floor on paper and went to work with the Leather Honey. The leathers soaked it up. And by the time I was done, they were soft and supple, but not greasy. And they didn’t stink like leather conditioner, which I was glad of. I was so amazed by how well Leather Honey worked I thought: this could be a new market for you. When a motorcycle rider goes down at 50/75/100 mph, the only thing saving your butt (literally) as you slide across the pavement is your leathers. You don’t want the leathers failing due to cracked/dry leather.

There are a number of little shops that fix and clean leathers. They should be using your product. You might also put together an instruction sheet for how to clean and treat your motorcycle leathers at home.

I thought the leathers would take a lot more Leather Honey than they did, but a little went a long way. I have plenty left for the leather seats in my two cars…

Great product from what I can tell.


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