How To Use Leather Care Products On Furniture

Leather furniture is both beautiful and comfortable, and the material can age rather gracefully if you care for the items in your home. Leather is often perceived as difficult to maintain, but that is not really the case. If you learn about Leather Honey’s leather care products for furniture and put a maintenance routine into place, keeping your furniture looking nice is not difficult at all. Here are a few tips on how to use Leather Honey leather care products for furniture.

Wipe Before Cleaning

Before using Leather Honey leather care products on furniture, you should wipe the furniture with a dry, soft cloth. This will help rid the furniture of dust. Do this on a regular basis, but especially right before you use Leather Honey Leather Cleaner or Leather Honey Leather Conditioner on the furniture.

Vacuum Crevices

Before applying the cleaner or conditioner to all parts of the furniture, vacuum any debris from cracks and crevices. You might find crumbs or other items that may hinder proper treatments with leather cleaning products.

Condition Regularly

Apply Leather Honey Leather Conditioner thoroughly and evenly. Start with a light layer of conditioner, and build from there. If needed, you can apply another layer (or layers) later. It is suggested that you use conditioner on your furniture once or twice a year to keep it looking its best. If your furniture is starting to show wear from years of use, is situated near a heat source or in front of a window, you may need to apply more often.

Use Dry Cloths

Between conditioning treatments, use Leather Honey Leather Cleaner to clean spills and dirt quickly. When treating stains, blot — don’t rub. Rubbing can deepen stains in the affected areas.

Caring for your furniture in this manner and using leather cleaners and conditioners from Leather Honey regularly will keep your leather products looking good and in great condition.

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