Furniture Testimonial – With Pics!

I received my Leather Honey today in the mail and couldn’t wait to try it on my sofa. Was truly amazed at the difference it made. It took 3/4 of a pint to do the entire sofa.

My mother kept this leather set in a room with a large window. She had it for 13 years. She decided to buy new leather and was throwing this out. She had been told by numerous furniture stores and upholstery shops that nothing could be done to revive the existing leather. BOY WERE THEY WRONG!

I started applying the Leather Honey with a sponge applicator, but found it much easier to apply it with my bare hand. It was easier to work it into the creases and seams of the natuzzi leather’s attached seat cushions.

From the photos you can see how sun faded the sofa was. Turns out the leather was just dying of thirst. It soaked the Leather Honey right up. After letting it set for about 4 hours, I “buffed” away any remaining leather honey on the surface. I can’t believe how soft the leather is and how the color came back! And to my disbelief there is no oily or tacky residue! I can’t wait to use it on the loveseat, chair & ottoman when my new order arrives.

Thank you Leather Honey for saving this expensive furniture.

Ashland, KY

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