Conditioning boots, bridles and leather car seats

We regularly receive five-star reviews on Amazon – over 300 and counting! – but this one, from a customer named Barbara, was too good not to share:

I have been cleaning saddles for almost fifty years and taking care of boots and bridles. I usually deep clean them with a separate cleaner and then condition several times a year. I need a product that repels salt and water on my bridles in the summer and that I can apply to many different types of saddles. While I was conditioning a neglected stored racing saddle as my first project with the product, my husband asked me how it was working. I said that it seemed to be very good and he picked up a bottle and said he was going to do the seats in our old Lincoln that he was taking to a car show. Warning him that he needed to read the directions, I continued my project. After two days the saddle does look very nice.If it does the job on the delicate leather of the racing saddle it should do fine on my roughout and tooled leather. I usually clean with Lexol cleaner so I can compare the feel between the leather honey and the Lexol conditioner. Now I will clean some bridles and see how it soaks into that leather.I am excited to use this product on my boots because I do not like an oily residue if I miss a spot when buffing them after cleaning and conditioning. My husband loved the results on the grey leather seats in our Lincoln.”

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