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I did receive the product and I am beyond pleased with the results. My father in law flew a B-26 Bomber in WW2 over North Africa against Rommel. He was a decorated ace and true hero. He wore a leather flight suit, shearling lined. All their missions were at night. He said they lost 20% of the planes on a monthly basis. He was there for two years of his life. How he survived he said was a miracle indeed. One day while surfing EBAY I saw and bid on a flight jacket complete with hood just like the one he wore. I won the coat and waited with much anticipation to see the real condition it was in. It was faded, very dry but in very good condition to be at least 70 years old, maybe 80 now.

The first bottle of Leather Honey I applied it took almost 3/4 of the bottle, just like u said it would! I read the testimonials and believed what they had written. Your product is crystal clear and does have to be painted on, gooey just like honey. It darkened the jacket, as I expected but one week later it lightened back up, maybe 50%. The leather was soft, supple, and no oily or sticky feeling. The jacket seemed to be saying THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

A good deal of the distressed look has returned, with lights and darks, and for sure someone wore this coat many times. I applied the second coat about a week later with truly remarkable results, AGAIN! I feel that I have preserved it for many more years and plan to wear it many times to honor him. I have used many products like mink oil, saddle soap etc over the years on saddles, bridals, boots, belts. LEATHER HONEY IS BY FAR THE WINNER IN PUTTING MOISTURE BACK INTO OLD LEATHER AND RESTORING THE LEATHER. Now I am searching through my closets digging out my old baseball glove and anything else of leather I want to preserve. I wish you and your family much success and feel proud to brag about your product online. Please feel free to use any part of this as a testimonial for your product.

Best regards,

~ Barry

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