A History of Natural Leather Care & Wholesome Work

Leather Honey began in the early 1960s as an idea put forth by Daniel McGowen, who worked with a retired chemist to develop a new, safer leather treatment. Leather footwear was the norm, and so were conditioners featuring solvents that produced toxic and flammable fumes. Extensive research, development, and testing produced the non-toxic formula that defines Leather Honey conditioner and cleaner.

As the story goes, McGowen turned to his local postman for an experiment to determine the formula’s effectiveness. McGowen gave him a pair of shoes, with one shoe treated with the conditioner and the other left untouched, to wear on his daily mail route. Over many miles and through every kind of weather, the untreated shoe’s soles needed replacement twice before the shoe with the formula wore out. The experiment and the formula were a success; from there, Leather Honey got its start as “Sole Dip”.

Even when synthetic shoe soles became the new standard, Leather Honey continued under the direction of Daniel’s son, Jim McGowen, who discovered the value of the formula in treating horse harnesses and saddles. Jim and his wife Liz sold “Harness Honey” for 25 years, and in that time folks discovered that the formula worked wonders for not just shoes and saddles, but also leather jackets, car seats, furniture and more. This led to the rebirth of the formula as Leather Honey.

Built on Natural Integrity

People and animals are regularly exposed to leather, whether in their clothes, their furniture or their accessories and work gear. That includes a lot of skin contact. Using unsafe chemicals as ingredients in your conditioner and cleaner means exposure to those chemicals well after application. More than endangering the quality of your leather, it endangers the quality of your health - as well as that of your family, children, and even pets. It is true that not everyone gets sick from sitting on or wearing leather treated with conventional chemical solutions, but it’s not in our nature to take even a small risk of that happening with our products.

From the start, Leather Honey has emphasized user safety. Back in the 60s, harsh chemicals were everywhere in the market, and that’s still the case today. Cheaper alternative ingredients come and go, offering to cut costs but introduce health risks to our customers, but every time we resolve not to rely on them just for the bottom line. Our non-toxic formula - a family secret - has remained the same over the years, because there’s no sense in fixing what isn’t broken. This is what’s behind the best natural leather cleaner and conditioner on the market.

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