7 Tips to Take Care of Your Favorite Leather Purse

mmmmmmQuality leather handbags deserve proper care to preserve the cost of your investment. With proper attention and care, you can enjoy your favorite leather purse well into the future. Here are seven tips that can help preserve your handbag’s natural beauty and charm.

1. Although leather handbags are durable enough to use anytime, you should use wisdom for when and where you take them along. Some places are not conducive to leather products and you could very well damage your bag by exposing it to the wrong environment.

Pools, hair salons and grocery stores are risky places to take a leather handbag as you risk water damage, chemical stains and discoloring from hair products, scratches from shopping carts and damage from leaky food products. Chemicals, grease, water and food all threaten to ruin a pristine leather handbag and should be avoided at all costs.

2. Never touch your leather purse with soiled or greasy hands as it could easily leave smudges or stains on the leather surface. You should be especially careful handling your bag after applying makeup, nail polish or hand moisturizer.

3. Be careful what you carry inside your leather purse as you don’t want greasy cosmetics or ink pens ruining the interior or leaking to the outside. Equally as important is not overloading your purse as it can put a strain on the straps or tear the inside.

4. Avoid setting your purse on counters or floors of public places such as restrooms, restaurants, shops, etc. as dirt or grime can stick to the bottom or mar the sides. Also, try not to expose your bag to extreme weather conditions where heat and humidity can take its toll.

5. Take care of minor repair jobs on your purse right away by taking it to a professional leather repairman. It’s easier and cheaper to fix problems while they are yet small. Your repairman can clean your purse at the same time so that it looks and feels like new.

6. When not in use, store your leather handbag in a cool and dry place, preferably inside a cloth bag or dust bag for protection. By stuffing the inside, the bag will maintain its shape during storage.

7. Condition your bag with Leather Honey to keep the leather soft and supple. Once a month conditioning will prevent the leather from drying out, flaking and wrinkling.

There’s nothing like a beautiful leather handbag to round out a woman’s wardrobe. By taking good care of your product, it will stay beautiful for years to come.

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