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“This stuff is phenomenal” — Debbie
I have to say way to go on this product. I have been looking for a good leather conditioner for years. Way back in my teens I rode horses and used saddle soap & Lexol on all my leather items. I wish I would have had this stuff back then. I had been using a cream conditioner for years but it left ...
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“It really works and does not leave a sticky residue” – Alma
I have a leather Il Bisonte bag from Italy.  It's nearly 30 years old and had been in the closet forgotten.  I tried many leather cleaning products sold by my shoe repair shops.  But, the products were not helping restore the leather.  So I began an Internet search.  I found ...
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Before and After: Coach Purse
Customer Porsha was nice enough to share this picture with us on Facebook, of her newly conditioned vintage Coach purse. She wrote, "I don't believe the 20-year-old high quality leather bag was ever conditioned in its life. Look at it now."It looks great! ...
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“Leather Honey saved my Balenciaga!”
Another fantastic review of Leather Honey on the PurseBlog forums, complete with before and after pictures:The poster writes..."...the bag was really faded.. especially the are above the zipper (it looked worse in real life). Here is how it looked after one coat of the Leather Honey conditioner:< ...
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“Love your product!!” – Jill
Love your product!! Natural and concentrated - goes a long way. It has revived our leather furniture and an old purse! I've recommended it to family and given some to my son who also was impressed!! Thanks!  :)  ...
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“I absolutely LOVE your product” – Sonila Kada
I absolutely LOVE your product. I used it on my new and old leather boots and on my bags. I could see the leather soaking it in like food. I also love the fact that although it darkens the color a bit it did not change its hue, meaning that in no way does it transform the color into a new one. I lov ...
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“An amazing difference!” – Christel
What an amazing difference on my vintage crocodile and alligator bags! They are again supple and richly colored. Would highly recommend to all vintage bag lovers!Christel Hachigian ...
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More Talk About Leather Honey on Purse Forum
We love seeing customers talking about Leather Honey on the forums, and it's always been a popular topic with the ladies at The Purse Forum, where designer handbags are the focus.  Today a Leather Honey customer shared how the product revitalized an older Balenciaga handbag, which was faded and dry ...
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“Very pleased with the results” – Denise
I found out about your product on The Purse Forum. Handbag aficionados are always looking for THE best leather conditioner/moisturizer for our leather bags, especially for distressed leather bags such as those of Balenciaga.Someone on that forum posted that Leather Honey works wonders on veiny, dehy ...
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