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There's been some great talk yesterday and today about Leather Honey on this Harley Davidson forum.  Here's a quick soundbite, but it's worth clicking over for the whole thread - and sharing your thoughts, if you're so inclined."I bought an old Schott and this conditioner brought it back to life ...
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“My only regret is I did not order enough” – Tim
The Leather Honey is very good stuff, I use it on my 2009 Indian Roadmaster motorcycle leather seat and saddlebags.  Here in Hawaii it rains almost every day, Leather Honey refurbishes the leather to a like new condition and protects against both the rain and direct sunlight.  My only regret is I ...
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“I was so amazed by how well Leather Honey worked” – Doug
I can't remember how I "stumbled upon" your web site. I think I was doing a web search for how to clean my motorcycle racing leathers and decided to give it a shot. These are the full leathers worn by sportbike riders on a race track. As you might imagine they get pretty sweaty and dirty over the co ...
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“I’ve been sharing leather honey with my riding friends and bragging about it already!” Claire
"I'm using the Leather Honey on some old Harley Davidson saddlebags that had been stored away for quite awhile.  The leather had begun to get hard and I'm working the leather honey in on them daily to try to soften them up.  They are getting softer and they look tremendously better.  ...
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