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I was looking for a leather treatment to use on my boyfriend's furniture because the "stuff" he bought left it looking dull and faded. I did a Google search for leather treatment and found you. I used Leather Honey and was amazed at the results. To show how dramatic the results were I applied L ...
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“It’s the best investment” – Ed
I just received my quart bottle of Leather Honey. It's the best investment I made by buying your product. My Natuzzi sofa and chair looks just like when I purchased it from the furniture store. It took the wrinkles and faded look to the original form. Thank you and keep me informed on your new produ ...
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“My ’95 BarcaLounger Recliner thinks it just rolled off the factory floor” – Robert
Whatever you W. Va guys/gals figured out in '68, I thank you. My '95 BarcaLounger Recliner thinks it just rolled off the factory floor! Soft, luxurious hand has been restored, and we look forward to more years together, as we do not want to part!  ...
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“Loved the results so I purchased a half gallon” – Sandy
I love the product so far...I have done a chair and loveseat...still have to do a large couch...I was doing research online to find any products that would help bring back a older couch to better condition...saw your ad and tried a small bottle on my chair 1st and loved the results so I purchased a ...
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“I was in total disbelief!” – Kathleen
Initially, when I applied the product I was in total disbelief! It was amazing. My seat cushions are very warn, my Great Dane loves to lay on the sofa, and for several years before her, the favorite spot of my Doberman. Lots of claw marks, and the finish is warn off. After the product penetrated, an ...
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“I was astonished.” – Barry
I applied Leather Honey to a 25-year-old leather wing chair and love seat with the hope of softening the stiff, dried leather. I was astonished at how effective the treatment was. The leather upholstery is as soft as a new leather glove and leather almost seems to glow. Your product really works! ...
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“Very happy with the results” – Melanie
Melanie shared this half-finished picture on Facebook and wrote:"Very happy with the results when we used Leather Honey on our leather couch. I don't think it had ever been conditioned before we got it, it looks awesome now!!!! And so very soft, not sticky at all after it absorbed."  ...
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“We love Leather Honey to keep our leather couches looking like new” – Teresa
This is my second order of your fine product. We love Leather Honey to keep our leather couches looking like new. We love it even more that it does not trigger my young son's asthma as other leather cleaners did in the past. Keep up the good work and I'm letting others know of your family business.S ...
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Q&A: Color deterioration
I have a leather sofa that started losing its color in several places. I had it redyed and the professional put a "clear coat" over the new color. I was told the clear coat may wear off over time. Will Leather Honey act as a clear coat and keep the color from deteriorating?This is a great question. ...
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“With just one layer, I can tell a tremendous difference” – Craig
I have applied the product to a couple of leather couches that we have had for over 15 years and have neglected in scheduled maintenance. I did one layer and the couch soaked it in very quickly.With just one layer, I can tell a tremendous difference and plan to do another layer on a few of the piece ...
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