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“We look forward to years of continuing use” – Don
We have ordered Leather Honey twice so far and both times from your web site.  The web site is well designed, clean and easily navigated.  I like all the application information for various uses of Leather Honey.  I particularly like the fact that you folks don't charge for shipping ( ...
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Conditioning boots, bridles <i> and </i> leather car seats
We regularly receive five-star reviews on Amazon - over 300 and counting! - but this one, from a customer named Barbara, was too good not to share:I have been cleaning saddles for almost fifty years and taking care of boots and bridles. I usually deep clean them with a separate cleaner and then cond ...
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“The surface is no longer dry and crumbly” – Phyllis Dean
Early this summer our local historical society held an art auction fundraiser and my husband and I purchased a 100-year-old horse harness, to add to the collection of old farm implements decorating our big front porch.Although the harness will be somewhat protected from the elements by the porch's o ...
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A Harness Honey Loyal Returns to Leather Honey
We recently got the following email from Victoria:"I am so glad to have found you all.  When I was a kid living in PA and riding horses, I bought 'Harness Honey' when I bought myself my first saddle.  I cleaned and conditioned my saddle with Harness Honey after every ride for years.  I still use ...
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“Will not use any other product now” – Josh
Love your product. I found it strictly by Google searching "leather conditioner," and used it on our hand me down leather couches and it worked great. I'm also in the equine industry and have used it on various other leather products. Will not use any other product now and HIGHLY recommend it to eve ...
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“Love, love, love the stuff!” – Debra
Found out about your product by pure chance.  A lady overheard me asking where I could take an old dried out harness to see if it could be useable again.  She told me to get some Leather Honey.  I came right home, got online (thanks Google) and ordered my first jug.  Once my LH a ...
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Leather Honey on The Chronicle of the Horse
The Chronicle of the Horse is a great weekly magazine about sport horse competitions, and readers are chatting about Leather Honey on their website's forums.  Here's a bit of what one poster had to say:"I haven't used oil as conditioner for years. Previously I used Lexol conditioner, but now ...
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“Some of the saddles are 140 yrs old!” Earline Darcus
"So far i like the leather honey i am using it to soften old sidesaddles. some of the saddles are 140 yrs old!! I found your product on your website and  it was easy and fast to purchase it!!Earline Dacus ...
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