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“This is magic” – Rene
WOW! This is magic - my leather looks brand new. It made the leather soft. Your product is incredible. So worth the money i paid....well, all i paid was 15 dollars but it's still all worth it. Thank you very much. ...
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Q&A: Treating New Leather Car Seats?
I have a new 2012 Honda Civic, and I'd like to try Leather Honey. Is it too soon?Most auto manufacturers seal the leather interior with a urethane protective coat. This barrier protects the leather from staining and scratching, but it also prevents a product like Leather Honey from penetrating the l ...
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“Never had a product as good as Leather Honey” – Bruce
I own a 1979 Mercedes 450SL (roadster) that is in showroom condition with 38,000 miles on it - have owned it since 8/1980 and it has always been garaged and covered. I put an expensive set of sheepskins on the leather seats early 1981 and just took them off as they were starting to deteriorate and c ...
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Leather Honey revitalizes a 1998 Range Rover
Leather Honey customer Antonio shared these before and after shots of his Range Rover on our Facebook page. Here's what he wrote:"That is the D pillar of a 1998 Range Rover. They are wrapped in leather. This one in particular was left outside in the sun for a few years, it was in bad shape. I was ...
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“I absolutely love your product” – Bernice
I absolutely love your product. I recently purchased a  used car with Ivory color seats. Leather Honey definitely made the seats feel softer. The leather seats appeared to come to life.  ...
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Conditioning boots, bridles <i> and </i> leather car seats
We regularly receive five-star reviews on Amazon - over 300 and counting! - but this one, from a customer named Barbara, was too good not to share:I have been cleaning saddles for almost fifty years and taking care of boots and bridles. I usually deep clean them with a separate cleaner and then cond ...
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“I was AMAZED at the results with Leather Honey” – Brad
Facebook fan Brad left this comment on our page today:"Leather Honey is an AMAZING product. I only stick with Griot's Garage, Chemical Guys, Meguiars, and Blackfire for car care chemicals typically. I am VERY picky on what I use. I saw the reviews for Leather Honey on Amazon and they sold me. I boug ...
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“Congratulations on making something of high value” – Dean
I use the product for our customer vehicles ( Mercedes - Porsche - Bentley ) interior leather, plus my personal leather Hartman luggage and hunting accessories (gun cases from England, hunting accessories which we use repeatedly when traveling to Scotland for Bird Hunting). All my friends order your ...
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“Great product!” – Ata Kirmani
I have a Mercedes.  The seats on the Benz were never and I mean never treated, ever since the car came out of the factory in 1996.  The interior is black and I am the second owner and I wanted to have the car detailed, and the interior leather needed reconditioned.The leather was somewhat ...
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“Worked like a dream” – David
In the summer of 2010, I was in a car wreck and had to buy a new/used car. I got a heck of a good deal on a 2004 V6 Honda Accord. It had everything, including leather interior. My neighbor came over and said do not use that shit! He was referring to the leather conditioner that I got at CarQuest. He ...
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