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  • 5 Tips to Take Care of Leather Car Seats

    When it comes to caring for the seats of a car, the advice out there can be confusing. This is especially the case when it comes to leather seats. The information below is designed to help you learn how to care for leather car seats and ensure a long life for the car.

    1. Keep All Windows Cracked

    Keep in mind that it is crucial to leave windows cracked on warm days. This does not imply that you should leave the windows entirely down; however, you should not leave windows closed when it is hot outside. Leather cannot handle extreme temperatures; if heat builds up in the car, the leather may suffer. Cold climates are less prone to such a problem, but it is still something for every car owner to remember. Just make a note to close the windows when it rains! Water can damage leather.

    2. Avoid Eating or Drinking In the Car

    A busy lifestyle may demand that you eat in the car on the way to work or your next destination. However, such a habit is dangerous for the interior of a car. If you’re not careful, you may spill a drink or drop a piece of food and stain a seat. When possible, avoid eating or drinking inside of the car.

    3. Use Cotton Cloths to Wipe Seats

    In general, it’s not a good idea to use paper towels to clean a leather seat. Instead of a paper towel, use a lint-free cloth. This material  will not damage a leather seat or leave debris that is difficult to remove.

    4. Cover the Dashboard Window

    Aim to park your car under a shaded area when possible. If you can’t locate a parking spot with such conditions, you may wish to use a windshield cover. Windshield covers are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

    5. Use Leather Conditioner

    Leather Honey is available to purchase online with free shipping. After spot-testing, use a lint-free cloth to rub the solution on the leather seats. You can do this once or twice a year – or more frequently if your car receives a lot of direct sunlight – and it will keep your leather hydrated and flexible, preventing cracking. Leather Honey is also water-repellent, which can help stop stains from spilled drinks.

    Caring for a car with leather seats does not have to be difficult. If you put in the work, leather car seats may last for a long time.

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    Jim McGowen is the creator of Leather Honey, an industry leading leather conditioning product used in a variety of applications.
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