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  • How to Redye Leather

    We were browsing on Pinterest (our new addiction – follow our boards here) and found this great tutorial on how to redye leather from the folks at eHow. We had to pass it along, especially because it advocates avoiding silicone-based cleaners and conditioners. We couldn’t agree more – silicone actually dries out leather in the long run, leading to additional cracking and dryness (Leather Honey is, of course, 100% free of silicone and solvents).

    The only piece of advice that we’d disagree with in this article is step 10, which advocates for applying leather polish, saddle soap or wax to the leather. Wax is actually harmful to leather, and polish is generally unnecessary if you apply a high-quality leather conditioner like Leather Honey.

    If you decide to die your leather, we’d love to hear about your adventures in the comments! 

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    Jim McGowen is the creator of Leather Honey, an industry leading leather conditioning product used in a variety of applications.
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