Leather Conditioner for Exotic Leathers

What sets Leather Honey apart from other conditioners you may have heard of is its usefulness with fine, exotic leathers.  Unlike many other leather conditioners, Leather Honey has the ability to penetrate and condition even the rarest and most exotic types of leather.  Leather from a variety of animals including crocodiles, lizards, and snakes can safely be treated with our premium conditioner.
Leathr Honey

These exotic leathers include, but are not limited to:

  • Pig Leather
  • Toad Leather
  • Fish Leather
  • Caiman Leather
  • Anaconda Leather

Leather Honey can be used on your exotic leather goods to bring out a stunning, glossy sheen.  Many exotic types have beautiful natural colors that need to be protected from fading.  Leather Honey does not color leather.  Instead, it brings back the natural color by moisturizing and conditioning.

Just like you, your leather needs to stay hydrated and leathers of all types need to be moisturized.  This is why Leather Honey is an integral part in caring for your valuable exotic leathers.  Don’t wait until your favorite exotic leather piece begins to crack or fade, because it is never too early to begin treating your exotic leather.  Leather Honey has an unlimited shelf life so you can use as little or as much as you think you need and save the rest for later treatments.  

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Leather Honey Leather Conditioner
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Our premium leather conditioner also helps you save money by avoiding paying a professional to treat your products.  A half pint of Leather Honey costs less than $20 and can be used on multiple leather pieces.

Leather Honey is safe to use on even the most specific types of leather including Nubuck Leather, Aniline Leather, and Natuzzi Leather.  However, Leather Honey should not be used on suede, simulated leather, or vinyl.  We always recommend testing Leather Honey on a discrete area before applying all over.