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Testimonial: Jerry Hawkins
I just wanted to let you know that your leather cleaner and conditioner products were more than you promised. My leather chair which had not been cleaned or conditioned in 8 years or more was loosing its coloring, cracking, and was turning black from all the body oils. Now that is terrible – even ...
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Testimonial: One Very Satisfied Customer
This product was introduced in our family by my grandfather many years ago. I lost touch with the product for many years due to items purchased that were not leather. We bought some wonderful leather chairs that are beautiful but were difficult to maintain. They started to crack badly and nothing I ...
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Testimonial: Leather Couch & Love Seat
"It's been great. I have attached some before and after pictures. These only have one coat thus far, the black chair will require several from the damage by my schnauzer." ...
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Client Testimonial ~ Barry
Hello,I did receive the product and I am beyond pleased with the results. My father in law flew a B-26 Bomber in WW2 over North Africa against Rommel. He was a decorated ace and true hero. He wore a leather flight suit, shearling lined. All their missions were at night. He said they lost 20% of the ...
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“My leather chair looks new again!” — John
We found you by Googling leather restoration products. Yours looked the most promising so we felt it was worth the $39.95. I was skeptical at first but boy, what a surprise!!We have a burgundy colored leather chair that had faded on the arms and on the top where my fat head rests when I fall ...
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“She took it home and used Leather Honey on it. It looked like a new bridle!” – Wanda
You must hear this! I placed a rescue mare with a lady. The mare had came to me with a bridle. It was in horrible condition had mold all over i . I told the lady that it most likely would have to be thrown away. She took it home and used Leather Honey on it. It looked like a new bridle!!I ordered a ...
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“It is my new best friend” — Wanda
I ordered two bottles for a purse and motorcycle seat. The second bottle was for two inherited leather chairs that were dry and not far from cracking. Now all leather items look amazing. I also put it on my Dasko clogs and they look like new, even the burgundy ones. It also restored my favorite "chu ...
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Leather Conditioner for Porsche Interiors — Customer Testimonial
As a genuine, long-time Porsche enthusiast, I seek out the best products to detail my car, both inside and out. And unlike many Porsches that are "garage queens," I drive my 911 daily (as intended). Suffice it to say, my supple, black leather endures a lot of traffic. For one, my 3.5 year-old son du ...
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“Amazed and delighted with the results” — David
Leather Honey is a great product. My wife and I clean houses and one house has two leather recliners and a leather couch that sit near the windows and were in terrible shape. After the second application of Leather Honey they look like brand new chairs. The owners are amazed and delighted with the r ...
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Restoring a Leather Office Chair
We recently received some before and after pictures of a leather office chair from a small business in North Carolina. The business stated that the leather chair has been in the office for 5-years, and has been "used-and-abused". They were very pleased with how Leather Honey leather conditioner was ...
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