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Leather Maintenance Myths & Care Tips
There are several claims for leather cleaning and conditioning solutions that are simply untrue -- yet they continue to spread either by word of mouth or through internet searches.We at Leather Honey are experts on leather care and we’re  here to tell you that many of these claims are not only in ...
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How to Remove Scratches from Leather
Despite your best efforts to protect your leather, your valuable and heavily-used leather apparel and furniture can be damaged. While the unsightly blemish of a scratch may seem permanent, many scratches in leather can be fixed or at the very least diminished. Leather is a very versatile and re ...
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Leather Polisher vs. Leather Conditioner
Caring for your leather is important, but it is also possible to over-care for your leather if you add too much product to the material.Someone who frequently cleans, polishes and then conditions their leather on a regular basis may be treading too closely to the over-caring line. Leather does not n ...
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How to Take Care of Nice Leather Shoes
More than almost any leather item you have, leather shoes experience the most wear and tear and need the most protection. Regular use and exposure to harsh weather has damaging effects on valuable leather apparel.  The following steps can help you clean and condition your leather shoes to impro ...
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How to Make Your Old Car Look like New
Our cars are something we should all take great pride in. Most of us spend hours a week driving back and forth from work and running errands, so having a nice, clean and shiny car is important. Regularly washing your car entails more than just filling a bucket with soapy water and washing down the e ...
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Caring for White Leather
With its sleek and modern look, white leather is popular for everything from couches to handbags. Yet those who have owned white leather for a while will attest to the fact that it is prone to yellowing. Unfortunately, if it is not cared for properly, that bright, brilliant white can fade to a dull, ...
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“My leather chair looks new again!” — John
We found you by Googling leather restoration products. Yours looked the most promising so we felt it was worth the $39.95. I was skeptical at first but boy, what a surprise!!We have a burgundy colored leather chair that had faded on the arms and on the top where my fat head rests when I fall ...
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Leather Honey Bundle for All Your Leather Care Needs
For customers who are serious about their leather care needs, Leather Honey now offers this comprehensive leather care bundle. With the products included in this bundle, you can clean, condition and protect your leather, and all for an affordable price.The Leather Honey Bundle starts with our new ...
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Leather Conditioner for Porsche Interiors — Customer Testimonial
As a genuine, long-time Porsche enthusiast, I seek out the best products to detail my car, both inside and out. And unlike many Porsches that are "garage queens," I drive my 911 daily (as intended). Suffice it to say, my supple, black leather endures a lot of traffic. For one, my 3.5 year-old son du ...
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How to Deal with Rain Damaged Leather
It is almost inevitable that your leather jacket or shoes will be exposed to rains, puddles, or spills.  Water strips leather of its natural oils, and when wet leather dries, you’ll often find that it has become dry and brittle.  While rain can ruin leather, the following steps can ...
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